Advantages of our products

1. Uniform product

The use of European and North American raw materials guarantee a clear uniform casing with low amount of veins .

2. Caliber control

The special patern of casing application together with usage of hard moulds result in outstanding caliber control and uniformtiy of the end products.

3. Controlled casingwall thickness

This guarantees a uniform drying of the end product.

4. Dry product

No cooling needed for storage no salt, easy use and long shelf life.

5. Low wateractivity (AW)

Low risk on pathogene.

6. Nice & easy handling of het casing

Short hydration period unlike salted casings and cleaner working surface.

7. Elasticity / good meat adhesion

Casing adapts to the meat at filling and drying stages, no visible air pockets on surface if used correctly.

8. Productivity

Very low breakage %, both at filling and drying stage.

9. Flexible finish

Usage of clips, manually tied, machine tied, all is possible in accordance with the desired finishing of the end product.

10. Natural

Natural casings are the base of our product, you get a natural finishing of the end product. There’s just nothing artificial about it.