The production of our casings is done “in house”, in this way we can control every step in the production process and offer quality assurance.

Both our facilities (head office in Temse and production facility in P.R. China) have conditioned, spacious areas to ensure that every step in the production process can be executed with respect for hygiene, the product and the people involved in manufacturing. Our workers are our capital, without them, we couldn’t bring you the best possible product.


We have implemented a HACCP program and we respect GMP’s. Every step in the process has been analysed and every possible risk detected and all corrective measures are in place, fully documented.

We have the use of our own water well, dry our casings based on CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) in  

conditioned ovens with air filtering. This is a measurable advantage in hygiene and food safety towards other casing company’s using coal, open air and surface water.

We use an ERP system where we can trace the origin of the raw material, the personnel involved in the production at different stages and link it to every pack of finished products going out of our facilities.

In short: Hygiene, quality, respect for our people and the environment are core values for our company.