Conical laminated

Made out of 100% hog casing, the natural casing is cut longitudinal and then applied to a mould in a special pattern in different layers. The form of the mould is larger in diameter at the open end then in the bottom. After which it is dried in a natural gas oven. The casing is usable for all kinds of dried sausage/salami type of cured meats such as Jésus, Rosette, …




Dried/cured/fermented/smoked types of sausage/salami


Conical/different lengths available
Flat Width: 7/11-7/14-7,5/12-8,5/13-10/14-10/16-12/16,5-13/17 cm
Ø: 43 – 108 mm with above FW as standards
Length: 250mm/650mm


Uniform end product / caliber controlled / uniform thickness / long shelf life  of the casing/ low Aw / easy handling / elastic and good meat adhesion / low breakage % / flexible / natural product / traceability up to pack level


Packed by 100pcs in shrink foil, and delivered in cardboard boxes with fixed quantities depending on size. (1300-2000-2500-5000-10000-20000 pieces/box)


Natural casings EU – USA – CANADA

Shelf life:

5 years after invoice – no cooling required.


Temperature: 10-20 °C
Relative humidity: 60-85%


Soak in lukewarm water for a period of time depending on the end products, specs and temperature

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