Cylindrical laminated long pieces

Made out of 100% hog casing, the natural casing is cut longitudinal and then applied to a mould in a special pattern in different layers. The moulds have a length of 15 meters After which it is dried in a natural gas oven. The casing is usable for all kinds of dried sausage/salami type of cured meats and increases productivity.




Dried/cured/fermented/smoked types of sausage/salami  


Cylindrical/different lengths available
Flat Width: 7 – 13 cm (higher FW’s upon request possible)
Ø: 43 – 80 mm
Length: 900/3750/4000/15000mm


Uniform end product / caliber controlled / uniform thickness / long shelf life  of the casing/ low Aw / easy handling / elastic and good meat adhesion / low breakage % / flexible / natural product / excellent smoke penetration / traceability up to pack level /high productivity


Packed in reel form for 900 and 3750 mm, shirred per stick for the other lengths (with or without tube), and delivered in cardboard boxes with fixed quantities depending on size. (2500-3000 pcs for reels and 80-130 sticks for the shirred casings/box)


Natural casings EU – USA – CANADA

Shelf life:

5 years after invoice – no cooling required.


Temperature: 10-20 °C
Relative humidity: 60-85%


Soak in lukewarm water for a period of time depending on the end products, specs and temperature

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