What we do

For the production of good quality Salami’s and dry sausage in bigger diameters, the so called “laminated casing” is used. It consist of natural casing that can be delivered in numerous forms, measurements, diameters and lengths. These casings guarantee a fixed caliber and an excellent dryingprocess.

It is 100% natural casing. No additives added, as the collagen in the casing itself ensures the different layers to “glue” together.

The production process was established in 1947 after which it hasn’t changed. The working environment however has changed to meet the ever changing standards.

As far as we know, Durex NV, a small sized family owned company, is the only producer of dried natural casings left that has the full production in own management from raw material to production and sales of the end products.

Durex NV has always offered quality, both in product and service. We guarantee you that we will keep doing so in the future.